Mackinac Bridge 2016 - From Image to Video

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Mackinac Bridge 2016 - From Image to Video

Happy Friday Michiganders! The Mackinac Bridge is an awesome site to behold, and I took a trip up there earlier this year to snap some pictures. I thought I would try something a little new with this one. Using Adobe After Effects, I edited the original still image to look more like a video, with moving clouds and ripples in the water to simulate waves. Check out the video below!

Not Hollywood-worthy but it's decent for a first attempt. Check out the original image below:

original image of mackinac bridge I took earlier this year.

I'm sure you noticed, but my first step was removing the clouds from the original photo. It was a pretty dreary day when I visited, so I thought a nicer, bluer sky would make the video pop, with the added benefit of being able to show the clouds move.

I considered changing the water as well, but couldn't find a decent image that went well with the bridge. After brightening everything up a bit in photoshop, I went to work in After Effects to create the video you see at the top. All in all, it was pretty fun and I think I'll be doing a lot more of these in the future. With the practice, I'm sure the videos will get better :)

I'd love to hear what you think, so leave a comment below with an constructive criticism, questions or just to say hi!


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