About Wildside Shirts Learn more about the company, our founders, ideals and our love for Michigan!

About Wildside Shirts

Wildside Shirts proudly celebrates the culture of Northern Michigan with images, videos, articles and some pretty awesome, unique Michigan-inspired apparel.

We are composed of 3 people who have lived, worked and played in the Northern Michigan area since the 1950's. From lounging on the beach and backyard bonfires to enjoying #SundayFunday, we find our inspiration everywhere and use Wildside Shirts to share it with you. We hope you like what you see and would love to welcome you to the Wildside!

A lot of the designs on this website will be based around Northern Michigan and the different attractions this state has to offer, but the human ingenuity isn't limited to what we see around us. We also want to inspire & be inspired by all corners of the globe, and we hope to bring our thoughts to life with new photography and awesome designs. I hope you enjoy our blog posts, photographs and videos! If so inclined, feel free to purchase a tee, you'll be supporting a Michigan-based printer & artist.



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